Polyester Glitter?

Posted by Megan Ferguson on

Most people that are new to the crafting world ask themselves what is polyester glitter? Or, they may ask , why can I not just use regular glitter from the store. Well, the answer is that you can use whatever glitter you want but if you want quality then polyester glitter is the choice. 

Polyester glitter is high temperature and solvent resistant and a higher quality of glitter. High temperature resistant meaning that it can withstand high temperatures without melting. So unless you plan on throwing your glitter in a volcano you won’t have to worry about that butane lighter melting your glitter. Also, the dye will not bleed or fade over time like the cheap crafting glitter in stores do. Polyester glitter is also cut smoother so that it can be used for...wait for it....COSMETICS! Yes, polyester glitter is perfectly fine to use for your lip gloss, eye shadow creations or even for your nail art. 

Please people, I know we LOVE glitter but please use with caution.